The Store

 Here we have textile items for sale individually. I plan to include textiles I acquired far from their place of origin, such as brocaded belts from Fez in Morocco, complex ikats from Indonesia, tapestry aprons from the Balkans. I will display others I found on brief visits to the places they were made, such as huipiles in Guatemala (1970s and 2007), ikats and embroidered items from the summer I spent in Afghanistan (1978) and a later trip to Uzbekistan, Hmong items from Laos (1974).
Featured first in the shop are my American patchwork quilts, which I came across while hunting for antique fabrics for my design collection. I found some of the oldest ones in Maine, Gilded Age crazy quilts in upstate New York & other spots across the North, early twentieth century quilts made from printed flour sacks and catalog fabrics in North Carolina and the Heartland. Beyond the historic fabrics used, I chose these because I loved each for the artful compositions.